Hello and Welcome! My name is Christine Shepard and I’m thrilled you’re here to check out our website! Or, what we like to think of as our ‘online storybook’. Every room, every piece, every decision that goes into creating a personal space tells a story. Whether it is the reclaimed floor joist from an abandoned tobacco factory in the Northern Neck that now happily lives life as open shelving in a kitchen, the experience of shopping for the ‘perfect’ upholstered dining chair or even the name of our company…the history that lies behind the finished product creates a depth and a layer of character that become part of the family that lives within the space.

Located in the metro Richmond, Virginia area, Iron Gate Interiors offers a full menu of interior design services. From whole house design to individual rooms and outdoor spaces, we strive to create personal, hard-working and aesthetically pleasing homes while working with closely with builders, architects and homeowners. We aim to create spaces that reflect the personality and functionality of the families who inhabit them. From design conception to placing the final piece in the room, our goal is for you to not only walk into your home with excitement and anticipation, but to be able to look back on the decorating process as having been an experience you would gladly repeat (or at least confidently pass our name along to your friends!). 

We invite you to view our portfolio and ‘read’ along. But I will say this…to the unbeknownst, the ‘story’ may not be visibly evident. It might only be an experience when shared by the homeowner as they unravel the layers of the history of the pieces collected which have created the space. But as you view, let the wonderment of each piece take you to a place of imagination and creativity as you begin to create your own version of the story…welcome!

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