The ‘About’ page. This is always a tough one. Where to start when speaking of yourself and this living, breathing entity that you have spent years, even decades, creating, cultivating and nurturing?

So, I guess the beginning sounds about as good a place as any. My name is Christine Shepard, I live in Midlothian, Virginia with my husband, our three kiddos, our adorable dog and the most handsome horse your eyeballs will ever see. And Iron Gate Interiors is my fourth child. It’s the only one that doesn’t complain about what I cook for dinner, so it’s obviously in the running for the ‘favorite’.

My roots lie deep in Danish culture. Ever heard of hygge? It’s a real thing. We didn’t have much growing up, but I can look back now and see that we had hygge. Rooms warmed by wood stoves and fireplaces, soft, flickering indirect light, the smell of homemade meals cooking every day, hot drinks in hand and cozy, textural blankets to keep you warm in the upstairs rooms {because there was no heat upstairs}. It created a sense of comfort and belonging that envelops the soul. It transforms a structure as simple as a house into a living, breathing life-giving entity that connects a family together.

But I was also born with the inherent need to create beautiful things. This desire was brought to full fruition in 2001 when we bought our first home, and the beginnings of my business sprouted. Under the guise of wanting a business that I could work from home and around my children’s schedules came the humble beginnings of Iron Gate Interiors. Truth be told, what I really wanted was the ability and means by which I could create that hygge for my own family…a safe place for them to fall, a welcome respite at the end of the day, a welcoming reprieve for friends and family to come and enjoy. And I was blessed to ultimately be gifted with both.

As Iron Gate Interiors grew, so did my insatiable need to know absolutely EVERYTHING about the industry. I had never had a ‘job’ for which I didn’t have a corresponding degree…until now. Because I knew that I knew that I knew that I knew that pursuing this passion was my next life journey, I dove in head first. No goggles. No swim cap. No water wings. Off the high dive. Straight into the deep end. Because the success of this business was on MY shoulders. And I LOVED that.

The past 17 years has taught me that I can not only feed my creative need, but that I get positively giddy at the thought of discussing all things business. From the strategy behind the most effective marketing approach to a new personal development book on leadership to knowing how to make this endeavor profitable…I was hooked. And such was the birth of a serial entrepreneur.

Thankfully, I am a people person. I crave relationship and connection with those in my sphere. At Iron Gate Interiors, we consider the opportunity to honor our clients’ time, their ideas and their budget a privilege. Because that means we have given you sufficient reason to trust us in each of these areas. The majority of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals, which we view as the highest of compliments.

So grab a cup of coffee, settle in and learn a little bit more about us. We hope you like what you see!